Blues from the Malabar Coast: New Short Story Collection
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Winner of the 2002 QWF Mcauslan First Book Award

Excerpt from title story Blues from the Malabar Coast

My grandmother, Thankamuthasi, got up at four every morning, bathed in the pond in the dim light and, after a brief visit to the temple, started the fire in the kitchen with dry palm branches and matches that she kept hidden behind the salt box in one dark corner of the shelf. When she was satisfied with strength and size of the flames, she hollered to her granddaughters, nieces and grandnieces, urging them to get up or else. They got up hurriedly, their saris askew and bunched aroung the thighs, taking their time to arrange them. There was no hurry: there were only women in the main house; the men slept in the tower.

Cover jacket of Blues from the Malabar Coast


The backwaters in Kerala

The castle in Quebec City





The Malabar Coast during the monsoon season



Coming in May 2002 from TSAR books, Toronto, Canada
ISBN 0-92066199-8
144 pp $18.95 Cdn



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